Tarbock Paddock | Thank you for your booking.

We have 4 paddock locations, have you booked the correct one?

If you haven’t received an email please check your junk folder, if it isn’t there – call or text Charlotte 07968 865 339, as it may mean your booking isn’t confirmed.

We hope you and your dog enjoy the use of our field.

All the below information will be emailed through to you for future reference from “info@mydogpaddock.co.uk” – please double check your booking date and time is correct on the confirmation email.

Current gate code – 1212

The gate has a combination lock on – this is changed frequently.


Please wear suitable clothing as it is a field site.


Please note there is no water provided on the field – if you would like to bring water and a bowl please feel free.

People and cars

Please advise us if there will be more than 6 people for your booking. This booking is for a maximum of 2 separate households. Maximum of 2 cars in the field at any one time. PLEASE DO NOT PARK OUTSIDE THE FIELD!

The field is a NO SMOKING site

This is to prevent litter and reduce the fire risk.

What you need to do…

Wait for the previous user to exit the field before you enter!

Keep your dog/s on a lead / in the car until you are securely in the 6 foot fenced area.

Drive in the field, close the gate (and re lock it from the inside, by taking the combination lock off from the outside) and then let your dogs out.

Clean up after your dog to respect other users. Please place poo bags in the bin.

Please keep an eye on the time so you don’t overrun your booked time slot. If you are not out of the field by the turn of the hour, you will be charge for the next slot.

If you arrive and someone is still in the field please call Charlotte on 07968 865 339 and we will resolve the matter.


What3words name: trials.rooms.along

Please follow the link below for directions.


Cronton / Widnes side of the Knowsley Expressway, follow the postcode L35 1RD. When it says you have reached your destination, continue along Water Lane, over the M62 motorway bridge and 160 yards on your left is the entrance to the field.

Halewood side – as you turn on to Water Lane, look out for the Riding School on your left, and then 370 yards further on, is the field entrance on your right (if you go over the M62 motorway bridge you have gone too far).

Cancellation, rescheduling or editing your booking

Cancellation or rescheduling of bookings can only be made up to 48 hours prior to your booking time. A link is contained within the confirmation email to make these changes.

Any appointments cancelled or rescheduled with 48 hours of your slot time, unfortunately cannot be refunded.

This confirmation will be emailed through to you.