We have 4 fields in the following locations; Tarbock, Rainhill, Halewood and Hale Border

A field for you and your dog/s - no other dogs there.

You drive in, lock the gate behind you and then let your dog(s) out. 

We have fenced the paddock / field with the 6 foot equine fencing as this has smaller holes towards the bottom. This makes it more secure for our doggy friends – even those who try to jump out or squeeze through. Both fields have the fencing dug into the ground!

Private hire in 1 hour slots (55 minutes field use, 5 minutes to allow for change over) for £10 or at a discounted rate of £9 per hour if you book 10 slots – this accommodates up to 6 of your own dogs.

As stated above please make sure you have exited the field by 5 to the hour to ensure it is vacant when the next person arrives. If you would like to take more than 6 dogs on the field, we charge £2.00 per dog.

We LIMIT the number of people on the field to 4. Please advise us if there will be more than 4 people per booking.

MAXIMUM of 2 cars on the field at any one time – again please advise if otherwise.

Let your dog(s) run free in a secure field, that you have sole use of for your booked slot.

Our paddocks are ideal for 'hoomans' wanting to;

Need to know

Please pick up your doggy poos! We provide a bin for you to leave your poo bags in so you don’t have the hassle of taking this home with you!

DO NOT enter the paddock until the previous person has left!

The paddock has a hard standing for you to park on, meaning you can drive into the paddock, close and lock the gate behind you – before letting your dog out of the car. PLEASE DO NOT PARK OUTSIDE THE PADDOCK.

Please note there is no water provided – if you would like to bring water and a bowl please feel free.

no smoking area.

We have full public liability insurance.

GENERAL Our fields are regularly checked for cleanliness, security issues and litter but please do pick up your own dog poo and dispose of it in the bin provided. When dogs are playing, the odd poo can be missed so if you come across any other dog poo please pick it up and hopefully someone will do the same for you! Try to work together to keep it clean for all of us to enjoy.